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Daily Cleaning Services:

    In-House (residential houses, apartments, condos, townhouses):

  • seasonal

  • move in/out

  • before and after holidays/events

  • Commercial:

  • offices (including construction)

  • subdivisions

  • construction sites

Custom House Cleaning

Did you know that there are many housekeeping companies that do not provide deep cleaning service? (this means light housework only) Many maid services and house cleaning companies do not wash your dishes, or clean your windows.
Doesn't that seem strange? Well, it did to us. This is why we will customize any cleaning service. How disappointing it would be to come home after paying for house cleaning or maid service and there were dirty dishes in the sink.

We are a new kind of cleaning company. We take care of all your cleaning needs: Heavy duty scrubbing, shine, wash, fold and organize your home. Let us know what your custom cleaning needs are, we will do our best to do it all.

Mix and match any number of items you need for custom house cleaning. Add or subtract any item from the routine house cleaning or deep house cleaning service list. Finally, you can get custom house cleaning services. With appointments starting at 1.0hour, you can quickly and affordably make your life a little easier.

With appointments starting at 1.0hour, you can quickly and affordably make your life a little easier.

Would you like us to…
Fold Laundry
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Organize the pantry
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Sort piles of clutter
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Only clean high traffic areas
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Help polish the silver
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Come in to assist the housekeeper
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1st Time Maid Service Clean - Before we can even begin to perform routine weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance cleaning on a home, there are usually a variety of “first time” tasks which require extra attention on our first visit. Our first cleaning visit is more like a spring cleaning, or what we call a heavy, deep-cleaning which is a very necessary procedure.

It would be virtually impossible for your team to “skip” our standard first time cleaning routine and try to carry on maintaining your home in a satisfactorily clean fashion. There’s a big difference between “old dirt” and “new dirt.” If we don’t get rid of the old dirt, no matter how hard we try, simply removing the new dirt isn’t going to make things look sparkling fresh and clean.

If you are satisfied with our cleaning services after we pay you a first time cleaning visit and would like us to service your home again, please feel free to select one of our routine house cleaning services from our 'Precious Stones Services List I' above and contact us at the telephone number shown below to schedule our return.

▪► Free interviewing of our background checked, screened and referenced candidates
▪► Fully trained staff
▪► Reliable, flexible scheduling
▪► Enviro-friendly products
▪► Customized cleaning services available
▪► All supplies and equipment provided
▪► Regular or one time cleaning
▪► Residential, home, office, condo, apartment
▪► Commercial cleaning
▪► Licensed, bonded and insured
▪► Because we insist on the 'personal' touch
▪► We are dedicated to developing solutions and forming strong partnerships based on trust, mutual respect and sound business practices

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We provide a variety of services for you. All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will match any major competitors' offer or beat them in most cases. (by 10% off of the competitor's quote)

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